Why Cheat-Meals Are Damaging to Your Mental Health

As you seek to achieve your health goals, whether that’s to lose weight, eat clean, or consciously eat natural, healthy foods, there will inevitably be a time each week when you want a break from your diet. That time when you want to simply enjoy anything you come across on a day or night out, at a friend's house, or at home on a Sunday afternoon. 


The Mental Effects Of ‘Cheat-Meals’

Significant mental damage can be caused using the phrase ‘cheat meal’, especially when it’s used regularly. Take a moment to truly focus on the word ‘cheat’, and it will soon make you feel guilty, ashamed, depressed, and anxious. It’s jam-packed with negativity.
Meals are consumed multiple times each day, to fuel your body and keep you going through the day. Therefore, every meal you eat must bring you joy, enjoyment, fulfillment, and happiness.
cheat meal
So why combine the two words above? Introducing this expression into your dictionary isn’t the healthiest way to get started, especially when you’re on a mission to change your lifestyle. Those special meals that you consume while not following your meal plan shouldn’t make you feel humiliated or guilty; rather, you should celebrate the success you have achieved after a long week of sticking to your goals.
Here are some examples you can exchange ‘cheat meals’ to: off-plan meals, fun meals or celebration meals. Or just stick to casual ‘meals out’ or ‘take out’ meals. None of these have negative connotations.


Structure Your Commitments

Humans are creatures of habit and routine. Therefore, it’s advisable to pick a day when you’re not following your usual, day-to-day eating habits, and structure your week around it. Choose your days (even the time of day) for shopping, meal preparation, and exercise, so you see in advance what your week is going to look like.
Something unexpected can always happen, right? That’s why structure and preparation are key, yet again. Once you adapt to it, it won’t matter if any last-minute changes occur, you will be able to adapt quickly and easily.   

How To Be Without Off-Plan Meals

Once you get the hang of your new lifestyle, where you feel energised and full of life, you will never want to live any other way. With consistency you can achieve it:
  1. Create a routine
  2. Stick to it
  3. Carry on doing it
Your fun meals should be the same.
When do you know you’ve achieved a fulfilled, healthy lifestyle? Well, it’s quite simple - it’s when you are no longer craving off-plan meals; you’re happy with or without them because you’re truly embracing your new life.
cheat meal
Most of us have a difficult time dealing with snacking, and somehow finding a way to replace them with something fulfilling that leads us to get rid of those cravings.  This is especially true when you’re on the go and see something intriguing in the shop. A healthy-looking treat that is unfamiliar can be quite challenging if you don’t have time to analyse the label. Therefore, make sure you have something with you that you can trust, or simply prepare something while prepping your meal.

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