Low-Sugar Treats – Just What Your Body Needs

From gooey chocolate cakes to striped candy canes; there is just something about sugar that makes us feel giddy. Not to forget the immediate burst of energy and sugar rush we achieve after our sugary intake.

But, while sugar may be delicious to consume, anything in excess is never good for health.

Low-Sugar Snacks for the Win!

In contrast to usual dietitians, we don’t ask you to ditch the sugar completely; we ask you to lower your intake with Low-Sugar treats. Here’s what reducing sugar can give you:


  • Beautiful, Clear, and Hydrated Skin

Sugar extracts water out of your skin cells, making the skin appear dehydrated. As a result, you can have acne breakouts, eye bags, or a rather puffy face.

With low to no sugar diets, you steer clear of skin issues and enjoy hydrated, smooth, and clear skin.


  • Weight Loss

Sugary foods have a high calorie count, promote storage of fat, and make you feel hungrier. Yes – sugar cravings are as real as it gets!

 low sugar treats

So, if you’re munching on Chocolate the whole day you are making yourself susceptible to more hunger, and thus to weight gain.


The way out: Don’t ditch chocolate but have it in low quantity e.g. through Chocolate Orange Banana Bread Slices, and fulfill your sugar craving by preventing weight gain too!


  • Better Heart Health

Cutting down on sugar reduces bad cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and thus the probability of a heart attack.

This means low-sugar or sugar-free snacks are not just healthy for you, they are healthy for your heart too.


  • Steer Clear of Dental Issues

Remember the load of candies you ate as a child and had to visit the dentist complaining of toothache soon after? This is because sugar creates an acidic mouth environment, proving detrimental for your dental health.

With low sugar snacks like Chocolate Walnut Banana Bread Slices, you get to enjoy sugar – without having to worry about visits to the dentist. 


  • Sleep Well

From chaotic work schedules to everyday schoolwork, there are numerous things to keep us up at night. We certainly do not need sugar to be added to the list too.

 low sugar treats

Since sugar consumption gives us a sugar rush or a newfound energy, it disrupts the sleep pattern. This is why if you’re having dessert post-dinner – make it low-sugar and you will have a good night’s sleep and improved routine.


Low-Sugar Foods; What Are Your Options?

If you want the benefits of reduced sugar for yourself; it is time to cut the sugar intake. Fortunately, there are many options for low-sugar foods. Binge on vegetables like Carrots and Mushrooms or begin your day with a healthy breakfast of Quinoa or Oats.

low sugar treats

For alternatives to sugary junk food; choose low-sugar snacks for your everyday munching. Buy something different everyday or have a Multi-Energy Box fulfill all your needs.


Get the sugar – low, energy - high!




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