Getting Back To A Healthy Lifestyle Amid the Pandemic

2020 was nowhere near to what anybody could have imagined. Yet, the dawn of a new year calls for a newfound spirit of hope.

Make Your New Year Resolution: A Healthy You

If the last year has taught us anything, it is that health is everything.

As we continue to battle the pandemic, we may have adjusted to the new norm of a socially distanced society. But, that does not mean staying at home and binge-watching Netflix while feasting on packs of crisps after crisps.

Entering 2021, make a pact with yourself for a healthier lifestyle, and follow these tips to stay in top shape:

  • Enhance Your Fruit Intake

Fruits are ripe with vitamins and thus perform wonders for your immunity. On your usual grocery run, get your favorite fruits and inculcate them in your diet. From strawberry smoothies to fruit salads – get the freshest produce.


Or, if you have reduced your grocery runs amid the pandemic, substitute the fresh fruits with healthy fruit snacks such as ready-made Banana Bread Slices.


  • Stock Up on Healthy Snacks for Kids

If you have children taking online classes and performing indoor recreational activities; they will get hungry. But, instead of having them binge on junk food, offer them healthy snacks.

From boiled eggs to snack bars – the options are countless.

healthy lifestyle in pandemic


  • Keep The Connection

A healthy lifestyle requires mental wellbeing, and that calls for social connections.

While an ongoing pandemic means you probably can’t hang out with your friends and family as you used to; make a new year resolution to keep the connection.

Have a cousins Facetime session once a week or indulge in long, homey conversations over online group calls with people within the same interest as you. 


  • Work Out At Home

Gyms may not be a very safe place to visit during COVID-19; but who’s to stop you from working out?

Research on a few Yoga postures and begin your mornings with mindful yoga. Or, purchase a few dumbbells and continue your workout at home.


 healthy lifestyle in pandemic


  • Diversify With Simple Yet Healthy Recipes

A few months into the pandemic, everybody turned into a chef, producing delicious, and appealing home-made foods every day.

While those days may have subsided, you can still have a lot of fun in trying simple healthy recipes with your kids, alongside managing your work-from-home routine.

Simple recipes like Mocha Energy Balls can certainly become an immediate favorite!  


  • Eat As A Family

Consider the lockdowns as increased family bonding time. While earlier, our busy schedules meant no one sat at the dinner table simultaneously; being at home has changed that.

Embrace the change and look at the glass as half full – making the most of your family moments.

 healthy lifestyle in pandemic

Happy New Year!

Follow the tips and say hello to a new year, and a healthier you!



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