8 Best Low-Sugar Snacks for Your Children

I remember myself as a kid, after morning classes or post the afternoon outdoor fun, if there is anything we always needed – it was snacks. 

As their wail of hunger pierces through the home’s atmosphere, you have to rush to the kitchen to immediately whip something up for yours. If not, the children will probably have raided the attic for packets of crisps and some mango juice.

Unfortunately, not only do such snacks come high in calories, they also have great sugar content and do not bode well for health.

If you want your children to be healthy, happy, and energised – stock up on the following low-sugar snacks:

  1. Yoghurt

Full of Calcium and Protein, unsweetened Yoghurt for your child is like a bowl of goodness. While the Calcium helps build bone structure, the Protein gives your child enough energy to continue through the day.

However, refrain from offering Yoghurt to the very little ones – those 12 months or younger.  


  1. Pancakes

If your child runs away at the idea of breakfast; have a plate of Banana Pancakes ready at the table and they will fall in love with breakfast.

Full of fruit nutrition, pancakes make for a wonderful snack. Keep the Maple Syrup away and the sugar content is just right.


Low-Sugar Snacks for Your Children
  1. Fresh Fruit Smoothies

A snack in a glass; the fruit smoothie promises fruit goodness with the benefits of milk. However, instead of opting for fruit juices or ready-made smoothies, get fresh fruits instead and do not add sugar.

With the natural sweetness of fruits like strawberries or banana, the smoothie will become an instant favorite for your child. 

You can also mix it up in a bowl, with toppings of some chia seeds and Chocolate Orange Banana Bread Slices for low-sugar goodness.


Low-Sugar Snacks for Your Children


  1. Cheese

Rich in protein and a number of vitamins vital for growth, using cheese as a snack comes with many benefits. Fortunately, it is also not a snack that needs time making. Simply slice it and put it on pieces of bread or top it onto crackers for your child to enjoy.


  1. Healthy Breads

While a child is always attracted towards a bakery; you can now offer them the same at home with a low-sugar option. Instead of filling up the snack table with fudge cakes and sugary items; go simple with healthy, flavorsome breads.

From the simple, Classic Banana Bread Slices to a spin on Chocolate and Walnut Bread, use the bread as a cake base or in its natural, wholesome goodness and your child will return asking for more! 

Now that you are equipped with low-sugar, healthy snack knowledge; you know exactly what to put on the table when the children come marching through for a delectable snack.

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