The 4 Biggest Mistakes I Made At The Beginning Of My Lifestyle Transformation

Why do we all believe, at first, that we need to live on salad and water if we’re to lose weight? Is it so we can become happier and healthier? Why do we believe that no matter how much rubbish we eat, we can work it off? And then, when the ‘magic’ doesn’t happen within a week or two, we give up, instead of being reasonable with ourselves and taking the right path, such as setting realistic goals, and making things happen?

If you recognise these beliefs and admit that you’re guilty of at least half of them, that’s a great first step. 

I’ve actually done them all! 

Blaming My Genes

Whilst working my crazy shifts at the airport, starting my day at 1.30 am to get to work by 3 am, my health, and (let’s be honest) my looks, deteriorated. I could feel my confidence slowly draining away, but I wasn't going to admit it and face the consequences. It was easier to blame my genes, as 99% of my family are overweight and/or ill. Why would I be any different? I took the view that it’s meant to happen, so I decided to just suck it up and roll with it, even though I was feeling horrible inside. However, I knew that I didn't have to stay that way, and I had to at least give myself a chance to see how it would work out. 

So I signed up for the gym and committed to going 2-3 days a week. The problem was, that I continued eating the same rubbish, such as oversized fast food at work, and I kept going out drinking 3 to 4 times a week. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t see any positive results, so I gave up. 

Years later, I found that the extreme tiredness started to bother me more than anything else. I simply couldn’t get enough sleep, and I felt frustrated, irritated, and short-tempered, which really affected my performance at work. I moved away from the airport job, as I believed a fresh start might improve my lifestyle, but obviously, it wasn’t what I really needed at all. 


Living On Fruit And Vegetables

A few years later I finally got things in order. I decided I couldn’t give up on myself, and become ill at a young age like my grandparents did (they both sadly passed away due to lung cancer) - so I began taking daily exercise. However, my biggest challenge was getting my nutrition right! Oh boy, it took me a very long time to understand my body, and fully listen to it. At first, I believed that carbs were my enemy and that I should eat only fruit and vegetables. I did have the occasional bowl of ready-made soup, and chicken, but it was pretty boring and totally unsustainable. As well as making absolutely no progress whatsoever, I also felt starving all day long!

lifestyle transformation

I discovered that eating whole foods was a game changer. Yes, lots of fruit and vegetables are necessary to provide you with the optimum level of vitamins, but do not make the mistake of ditching carbs! They are your primary source of energy for survival. 

Ultimately, it’s all about portion control and getting the right amount of exercise each week. Make sure you pick a workout that you truly enjoy, then become good at, it, and food will never be an issue again. In fact, it will serve as the most amazing fuel for your body.

The Guilt After Cheat Day

I tried to keep up with my social life over the weekends: meeting friends, going to birthday parties, etc. The problem was, that I could never fully enjoy myself, as I thought of every single bite and drink as something that would cause me to add extra effort to my routine from Monday.

It became a vicious circle each time the weekend came around, and I felt like I would never catch up with myself. The adverse mental effect the expression ‘cheat-meal’ was having was very real. 

However, once you get the previous steps right, you’ll discover that going out on a Friday night will never be a problem again. Life is all about balance and enjoying every single occasion it offers. 

 Not Consuming Enough Water

I have no idea why we ignore the importance of liquid in our diet, as water makes up the majority of our bodies. When we talk, and even when we breathe, we lose moisture from our bodies which we need to replace. 

Consequently, I carry a large reusable water bottle with me throughout the day, to make sure I consume 2-3 liters daily. It’s grown on me so much that I now feel weird if I leave the house without it. At the beginning, it’s a good idea to mark different times on your bottle, so when you look at it you see how much you should have drunk by 10 am, 12 pm, 1 pm etc.

lifestyle transformation

I hope this post motivates you to take the right steps toward an energetic, happier, and healthier lifestyle.



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